Family Canyoning
Family Canyoning

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01 May - 15 October


4.5 hrs. total time, of which ~ 2.5 h in the gorge

Start time

09:00h and 14:00h


From 8 years accompanied by an adult


Cancellation due to dangerous high water and heavy thunderstorms


4 to 10 participants per guide. Bookable for individuals and groups


Recommendation with own car! We meet at the camp and continue to the gorge with our own cars.


Train + cab also possible, but then you have to take care of the cab transfer camp -> gorge and back. About 100 to 160,-€ for the round trip per cab.


Welcome of the participants at Sport-Piraten Camp09:00h / 14:00h
Output material 👉 off to the locker room
Travel to Tyrol, near Sylvensteinspeicher with own car or with self-organised taxi transfer at own expense.
Safety briefing

Start Family Canyoning Bavaria

approx. 10:30h / 15:30h
Estimated end of the family canyoning tour
Return to Sport-Piraten camp by own car or by self-organized cab transfer at own expense
Dry off and chill at the bar✌️ca. 13:30h / 18:30h


Easy family canyoning for children from 8 in Tyrol, near the Sylvenstein reservoir and not far from Lenggries . This tour is suitable for the whole family.

Under the guidance of our guides, the children become explorers and adventurers. And the parents have a good and safe feeling, as our top trained guides always keep a watchful eye on the situation.
Movement, nature and intense refreshment! This will be a day that will go down really well with everyone.

During the family canyoning we hike through a canyon along the course of the river. Small waterfalls, pools, slides and a really beautiful landscape await the participants.
We meet for a welcome by our guides at the Sport-Piraten camp, where everyone receives their equipment. After the transfer to the entry point and a safety briefing you descend into the gorge and your canyoning beginner adventure can begin.

You jump into crystal-clear water pools, slide down natural slides, climb over rocks and trees or abseil and jump from heights of up to seven metres.

Don't worry, difficult parts can of course be avoided or abseiled. Everyone only does what they really dare to do. And if not on this day, then maybe the next time.

Family canyoning allows you to give your children a special experience that will certainly remain a topic of discussion at school for a long time to come.



  • Guided Canyoning Beginner Tour
  • Supervision by a Tyrolean gorge guide
  • Equipment: wetsuit 7mm, hip belt, helmet, neoprene socks
  • Total duration approx. 4.0 hrs.
  • The pure tour time in the gorge is 2 to 2.5 hours. These times may vary due to group size, experience of the participants, weather and water level.
  • lots of fun
  • If no own car is available, a taxi transfer can be organized

Participation requirements

  • Minimum age 8 years
  • Persons under 18 years of age only in the company of a parent or guardian or with a written declaration of consent. DOWNLOAD 
  • normal physical condition, no heart or cardiovascular problems
  • max. permissible body weight = 120kg
  • Swimming skills
  • For safety reasons, persons under the influence of alcohol are not allowed to take part in the tour!

What you should bring

  • Sturdy shoes with good tread - preferably ankle-high. At the camp you can also rent shoes for 3,-€. From shoe size 35 to shoe size 48. For very small feet you have to bring your own shoes.
  • Synthetic shirt (functional underwear) for under the neoprene
  • Thin functional socks (for under the neoprene socks)
  • Swimwear
  • Spectacle strap if required
  • Sunscreen, towel

Additional information

  • The family canyoning tour will take place if the minimum number of participants is 4. Otherwise an alternative date must be arranged.


Sport-Piraten Camp, Isarstraße 2, 83661 Lenggries


Why do a family canyoning tour in Bavaria?

Family Canyoning in Bavaria is a form of canyoning that we have developed especially for families. These are canyoning activities that are suitable for both children and adults. Family canyoning in Bavaria offers the opportunity to get to know nature in an unconventional way, to experience an adventure together, to relax, to have a lot of fun and to create a bonding memory with this unique experience.

Can I book the appointment first without obligation?

Sure! Please contact us and we will take care of your non-binding reservation until 2 weeks before the date. 

Does family canyoning take place in all weathers?

Approximately 90-95% of the tours take place as planned.

Gorges are undoubtedly among the most beautiful landscapes in the world!
However, they also have their disadvantages: due to the fact that they have partially narrow places, the safety in the gorge is very dependent on the water level and its influencing factors. The amount of precipitation, melt water, weir openings, etc...

Safety has absolute priority. Sometimes it is only possible to predict on very short notice (1 to 2 days) before the tour whether the circumstances are suitable for the tour. As soon as we are sure if the tour can take place (or not), we will let you know! 

Do the tickets and vouchers expire if the appointment is cancelled?

No, the tickets and vouchers remain valid. In case of cancellation an alternative date will be arranged.

Am I in a group with my family?

Yes! As long as you book under the same name, you will be assigned to the same group.

For bookings with different names, feel free to let us know.

How big are the groups? What is the minimum number of participants?

There is a maximum of 10 guests per guide.
If we have several groups for the same time, the guides decide on the spot whether the groups go together or separately.

The minimum number of participants is 4 guests.

What is part of the equipment and what do I have to bring myself?

Provided by us:

  • 7-mm wetsuit
  • Climbing harness with self-belay.
  • Helmet
  • Neoprene socks

What do I need to bring ?

  • Swimsuit or trunks or bikini
  • Towel
  • 2 pairs of shoes: 1 pair of sturdy shoes for the tour, preferably ankle-high, which may get wet (e.g. hiking boots) and 1 pair of shoes for afterwards.
  • optional: functional shirt for under the neoprene (no cotton)

(We have only a limited number of shoes for rent)

Public access and parking

The meeting point is our camp in Lenggries. There you will be greeted and given the equipment.
The start of the Canyoning Bavaria Tour is in Austria and can be reached in 20 minutes by car.
This trip still has to be done with your own car.

If you are travelling by public transport, please let us know in good time before the tour so that we can organise a lift or taxi for you at your own expense.

Do we need any prior knowledge?

Standard swimming skills are a prerequisite for participation in this activity.
The tour is otherwise suitable for absolute beginners 😉

I am afraid of heights, can I still participate? What are the highest jumps?

Those who are afraid of heights, but want to fight their fear with a calm head, are welcome to join this tour.
Those who are afraid of heights and can't control themselves with panic should rather not participate.

All places above 1.5m height can either be bypassed or abseiled.

What happens at the exit of the gorge? End of the tour?

After the experience in the gorge, we drive back to our camp together. There the material is washed and sorted.

Are showers available?

2 cold water showers are available.

What happens to my belongings during the tour?

Everything is locked up in our own car or in our camp.

Are there any refreshment stops after the beginner canyoning tour in Bavaria?

Yes, in Lenggries there are rustic and hearty inns, beer gardens and restaurants. When the weather is nice, the within walking distance Village tavern highly recommended.
In addition, you are welcome to enjoy a cold beer with us at the camp. 🍺


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Rated by 03 Customers

  • Avatar

    Barbara S.

    The family tour was a great experience. The equipment was top and everything very clean and high quality. Despite the cold water we never froze.
    Both guides were first class! ALL were addressed by name respect! that you have remembered all : ) One always had the feeling of being well guided. It was also always addressed to fears (jumps) and alternatives shown when times someone did not want to jump. But I personally became more and more courageous and jumped, which was good for my self-confidence. Also the kids were really proud of themselves!
    You drive in your own car from the meeting point to the entrance and walk at least the piece back to the starting point in our tour. It was great! No cab necessary. All in all perfect and absolutely recommendable not only for families!

    August 16, 2023
  • Avatar


    Top tour! Nice with children and refreshing. There is enough time and pure nature. Simply a beautiful experience. Thank you!

    August 1, 2023
  • Avatar


    Great tour! Beautiful route, knowledgeable and trustworthy guide.

    August 1, 2023

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