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Environmental rules of conduct and voluntary commitment when conducting organised boat trips on the Isar in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen.
Isar Seal of Quality Sport-Piraten
Isar Seal of Quality
As an organiser and educational provider, we also organise and run boat trips on the Isar in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen. We voluntarily commit ourselves to adhering to the aforementioned standards, rules of conduct and agreements:
  • For commercial events, we generally use the period between 01.05. and 15.10. of each year. If the water level is correspondingly high (Bad Tölz power station min. 20 m³/s discharge), other times may apply.
  • We pay particular attention to the need for regeneration of flora and fauna during the winter months.
  • We respect the regulations that apply to nature conservation and landscape protection areas; in particular, we observe the bird protection closures on gravel banks and the ban on entering islands and reed zones. We explain to our participants the special features and beauties in the Isar floodplains and also show consideration for the fish life.
  • We use the existing entry and exit points.
  • We only use boat guides who we train according to the training standards of e.g. the Deutscher Kanu-Verband (DKV), BVkanu e.V. or the International Rafting Federation (IRF).
  • We document the participation of our boatmen in qualified training.
  • All participants will receive safety equipment in accordance with the standards (life jacket and helmet for all; rescue equipment for boat leaders) and will be instructed in a detailed safety talk before the start of the trip and informed about navigation instructions and rules of conduct. We prohibit obviously intoxicated persons from participating in the boat trips.
  • We ensure that all participants behave in a manner appropriate to the natural environment (avoidance of noise; taking along any rubbish, definitely no fires, respectful treatment of fishermen, nature observers and other people). As a matter of principle, we do not use glass bottles.
  • In the interest of the safety of the participants, we do not carry out boat trips if reporting level 1 (flood information service; www.hnd.bayern.de) has been reached.
  • We are actively involved in the conservation of the Isar nature reserve and are happy to take part in the annual RAMADAMA campaign (usually at the beginning of October) within the scope of our personnel resources:

Ramadama, Isar section Lenggries - Bad Tölz, autumn 2019

  • We work closely with the Isar rangers, the nature conservation watch, the LBV area wardens and representatives of the fishing associations; we help to point out the rules of use and behaviour to visitors to the protected areas.
  • On guided tours, environmental education and the ecology of this special natural area play a central role.

As part of the Hotspot Project: "Alpine River Landscapes - Living Diversity from Ammersee to Zugspitze", the district is asked to ensure that information boards with the relevant information are set up at the entry and exit points and to summarise this in a flyer for guests.

Status: April 2016

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